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Item #: 80319-01-02
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    The Avox Pressur-Vak II is designed to administer oxygen or gas mixtures to a diver or patient in a

    hyperbaric chamber environment. The demand regulator assembly provides breathing gas on demand

    (inhalation). The regulator is designed to operate with a constant inlet pressure of 65 to 125 psig over

    chamber pressure.

    For chamber depths over 60 FSW, a secondary vacuum regulator must be installed (see Tescom Regulator

    26-2912-282A). A hull-stop valve should be an integral part of the system as a safety device to shutdown the

    vacuum should a pressure loss occur. The optional pressure reducing regulator is a small reliable regulator

    assembly with an oxygen coupling. The vacuum regulator allows the exhaled gases to be carried to the

    outside of the chamber thereby eliminating oxygen buildup or contamination of the chamber environment.

    The vacuum of the exhaled gas is a direct function of the differential pressure of the chamber and the

    ambient environment.