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AAI Heat Wave and Mini Heat Wave Electric Hot Water Units - Saturation Diving Equipment

Item #: AAI-PEHWS-9000 / AAI-PEHWS-9000.5-
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    A single boiler heat exchanger is required using a single pressure vessel with over pressurization devices. This heater unit is electrically powered and capable of heating seawater and freshwater with a flow of 12gpm  with an adjustable inlet pressure from 0 – 15psi, and the unit has a temperature range of 72°F to 137°F with plus +/- 20°F (30°c to 66°c with +/- 2°c) control. A cat pump is incorporated within the skid to boost this hot water supply to the divers at 450 psi (31 bars). The hot water unit incorporates the following: